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During your time with us you have certain assessments to complete. You MUST complete all assessment levels prior to the level you joined your course. E.g. if you joined as an Advanced Diploma student, you must pass Practitioner and Diploma assessments before submitting your Advanced Diploma assessment. Master Practitioner students are to submit all levels except Advanced Diploma.  We recommend you complete your Diploma within 12-18 months and your Master Practitioner course within 2 to 3 years. The assessment process has been geared towards helping you become a successful coach and every student who passes at Diploma level or higher must have had at least one paying client. As always you can call Student Support any time you want clarification on the course you are enrolled in or what is required for assessment.

Please remember this is an experiential course. We want you to learn and then implement what you learn in Coaching sessions. Modules and Manuals are for supplementary use only.


Common Components
for all Levels

Advanced Diploma

Master Practitioner

NLP Pre Assignments

(Both are NON Compulsory)​